X3TC (X3 Terran Conflict) larger (bigger) GUI text font

These zip files contain larger font files then original for X3:Terran Conflict game (tahoma13.tga and tahoma13.abc which reside in “root_game\f” folder)

1) Trebuchet MS 10 Font (preferred): x3tc_large_font_trebuchet10.zip (5882 downloads)

2) Trebuchet MS 11 Font : x3tc_large_font_trebuchet10.zip (5882 downloads)

Extract them in the root game directory.

These files was made using the x3fontmaker: x3fontmaker.zip (2287 downloads) (mirror)

7 thoughts on “X3TC (X3 Terran Conflict) larger (bigger) GUI text font”

  1. What exactly is/where is “root_game\f ‘ folder”

    I don’t seem to have this folder and dropping the “f” folder into the “X3 Reunion” folder does not do anything. I also tried taking the fonts out of “f” and putting them in “X3 Reunion”.
    Same result.
    Since I find the small font makes the game virtually unplayable I am keen to try this out.

  2. ^
    this is for Terran Conflict not Reunion. I had no “f” folder as well in the directory, so I created one and put the abc and tga in it and it works like a charme 🙂

    Thx a lot for this neat tool!

  3. This is awesome, thanks! I played X3TC in XP with no font problems, using the ingame font, can’t understand why it’s different in Windows 7. Are there any other fonts you can recommend that I can grab from you, the font you gave is good, but some of the text wraps to the next line? But at least I can see it now, which is 100% improvement. If you happen to have one, you can email it to me at [email protected] as an attachment, and I can just drop it in the egosoft f folder.

    Thanks again for this awesome game fix

  4. Just a side note for linux users:
    The name of the folder should be F (capital F, not f), and the name of the two files should be Tahoma13.abc and Tahoma13.tga, with capital T.
    Thanks very much.

  5. THANK YOU so Much sDenn. All new to X and I could not read the font even in 1280×768 scaled up to 1080p.

    I used the “13” font. No letters/font crossing the HUD that I could see.
    Thanks again!

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