Linksys WRT54GL Router: Firmwares, Improving Performance, Overcloking, Slow speed download L2TP/PPTP UFI NGN

Low Download Speeds over L2TP/PPTP connections

Unfortunately this router is useless for UFI L2TP/PPTP connections which are in Israel.

Maximum speed was obtained around >750kBytes/s, which is not depend on firmware used (Tomato, dd-wrt, original) or overclocking at 250MHz.

EDIT: My solution now is Atom based motherboard from Zotac with WiFi card as my router/server. Power consuption is around 20-30W.

SO, STAY AWAY FROM WRT54GL ROUTER for >6Mbit over L2TP/PPTP. You will download maximum at 750kByte/s


top command:


Tomato firmware

DD-WRT firmware

Note: Upgraded from Tomato 1.28 by resetting NVRAM and flashing dd-wrt mini version followed by voip version.

Patch for Israel HOT L2TP in DD-WRT


refuse pap = no

in /tmp/xl2tpd/xl2tpd.conf

However, changes are lost after reboot.

You can use this script:

Overclocking (SSH, Telnet, Terminal, Command line)

Stick to 225, 240, 250 MHz. There reports of bricks on other clocks.

nvram set clkfreq=250
nvram commit

Checking speed of CPU

grep MIPS /proc/cpuinfo

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